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23 May 2007 @ 07:11 pm
Seeking old gathering shirts.  
Hey all.

I'm trying to find some selected Tshirts from some old, past gatherings. I'm not concerned about the condition of the shirts, and don't expect anyone to have them "new." But if you have any of these, or might know someone who does, and are willing to part with them (payment is fine), I'd be grateful. They're for an art project.

I'm seeking shirts representing:

Rites of Spring (Massachusetts), 1988-1992
ConVocation (Michigan), 1996-2000
Wic-Can Fest (Ontario), 1997-1999

Also seeking shirts for:

New York Renaissance Festival (New York), 1985-1987
King Richard's Faire (Massachusetts), 1986-1992

I can be reached at: dcg66 at hotmail dot com. Thanx!